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Röster från framtiden

På den amerikanska listan ili-L tipsades det häromdagen om en konferens som arrangeras av National Forum on Information Literacy och University of the Virgin Islands. Jag återger meddelandet i dess helhet:

The "Voices from the Future: the First International Information Literacy Coalition Conference" website is now available. (See below)  This conference is a collaborative partnership between the University of the Virgin Islands and the National Forum on Information Literacy.  If information literacy is to be mainstreamed worldwide, then we need to take the lessons learned from the recent Prague and Alexandria summits and integrate them into grass root level activities as well.  This is a terrific opportunity for you to encourage the participation of information literacy aficionados within your respective organizations and communities.  So come join us in the unique conference experience...we welcome your involvement!

Mer information om konferensen finns på dess webbplats (som är i form av en PowerPoint-presentation): http://library.uvi.edu/InfoLitConf.htm


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